Merino Wool Singlet NZ - Bay Road Merino

Merino Wool Singlet NZ - Bay Road Merino

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Merino Wool Singlet NZ

Merino Wool Singlet NZ 

Enjoy all the benefits of wearing 100% Merino with this colourful Bay Road singlet top which can be worn over all seasons. The sleeveless singlet style is ideal for those hot summer days, add a pop of colour and wear it under a favourite shirt or use it as a winter base layer.

Colours; Sapphire, Lime, Portobello.

Sizes; 8 (Bust 82cm or 32 inches). 10 (86cm or 34 inches). 12 (90cm or 36 inches). 14 (96cm or 38 inches). 16 (100cm or 40 inches). 18 (103cm or 41 inches). 20.(106cm or 42 inches).

Merino Wool Singlet NZ  Proudly made in New Zealand by Bay Road from 100% pure Merino wool. Machine washable. Merino Wool has unique characteristics. Each fibre is exceptionally fine, long and densely crimped, retaining heat close to the skin. The fibre also wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing the skin to stay warm and dry. Merino Wool Singlet NZ Click on the link and check out our other styles pure-merino-womens/